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Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Few of the things about *YATRA* .........

There was a different set of openness, hopes, fun, learning, passion, enthusiasm & INSPIRATION. You would find youngs too mature for their age and oldies with a childish eagerness to learn! It hardly took us two days to be bounded like a family. Everyday new people, new places to visit but just after a short 30 minutes chat, you would feel as if you know them for ages. Every other passionate soul you met had that ‘SPARK’ & then, there were long discussions on variety of topics. It was as if you switch off your lives and go to live a different one & when you come back in your previous life –you live it much better. Eighteen days & You realize the value of achievement & the joy of it. You get to know about number of heroes and its not that you just read them, but you have them in front of you talking to you – answering your questions-their eyes full of expectations & hope and a confidence-in the youth – when such great people look at you with a confidence, - believe me, it sort of becomes tough to settle for something less than EXCELLENCE. You need not make an effort for that decision. It comes automatically as if By default-For me, it was when I was at Rock Memorial, Aravind, Naandi, Tilonia, Tata Steel, & while hearing Mr. Gopalkrishnan & Mr. Elango & needless to say Shashank & Raj Sir, Revati Madam & many other yatris.14th January- Everyone is leaving back. I weirdly fantasized everyone to be like brides on their marriage! You come back to the real bad world. DISAPPOINTMENT goes at its peak now. And the reality strikes- something I had forgotten.

“I believe that our challenges are to recognize the limitations & the imperfections of our world as it is, think of the world as we want it, & then sacrifice and work for creating it.”- says Mr. Narayan Murthy. Well, the yatra does more than half of the work – you come back & realize the imperfections quite easily- you don’t even need to think of the world as you want it because you have already ‘lived’ it for 18 days – and sacrifice – well, if the deepest part of you wants it – you will find a PLEASURE in it – so no question of sacrifice.

The yatra has just begun……….

-Nikhil Bhagia a.k.a Chintu

P.S.: It helps us be good human beings if we remember, and we must, that hope is not an easy gift; it is a responsibility. – Swapnil Kant Dixit.

P.P.S: Registrations for the yatra are now open!!!! GO!!! Apply!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seven Random things about me......

Well, it was Vivek who tagged here it goes......


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7 random things……about me..............hmmm......

1). When some1 asks me whether u have a girlfriend, I would say, “I do not have 1, but I know some1 who would be mad at me for saying this. ;) ” The fact is that I don’t have 1 yet. K

2). I wanted to be a HERO throughout my childhood… Sometimes an astronaut, sometimes an entrepreneur, sometimes a software engineer…. I always used to fantasize myself in those cinema screens. I wanted to be a hero i.e. the one which comes onscreen, but hated the real offscreen ‘life’ behind it.

3). I want to write a novel & direct a movie too……but these are things that I would be serious about after I get well settled somewhere around my 30s.

4). I carry an egoistic & a selfish image, but love my family ‘n’ friends a lot….

5). I have good reason to be both an atheist and a believer. But I am none yet.

6). I sleep for about 56 hours per week.

7). I created my first email A/c when I was in 5th std. & my first investments in my 11th std. i.e. a year back, & I feel, in both the cases that I was very late.

Now, my turn to tag people.........

Vivek: Refer Rule no. 1

Goli: His was 1 of d 1st blogs that inspired me to start my own.

Jayadev: Nice one.

Mohit: He is cool....

Aditi (a.k.a @aDeSe): her bio says it all.....

Bhavya: smart....

Well, as vivek mentioned I m a noob...........I ran out of tagging only 6.....  :|

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I wrote this on 19th April, 2009, my birthday........well ...........I know m really late.......but, "better late than never."

Saturday ,18th April 2009:

I landed back home @ 09:20 p.m. after a tiring but a fruitful day both - @ office & in college- s.p. paper was good- it sort of feels very nice when you are one of the only three people who took supplements – leave half an hour early w/ a grin – expecting 75/80 & then forget it as if it was of no importance.

I sat hunting for a D.V.D -went to a neighbour- I so very wanted to see FIRAAQ & STRAIGHT- couldn’t get either- after a couple of calls here ‘n’ there, the only option left was DOORDARSHAN a.k.a. DD.(You might find it hard to believe, but that’s the only channel that’s aired @ our home.) & w/ a data card – u dare think of watching 1 online @ its snail speed. K
So there was DD. I wished for a good movie- I have been quite optimistic after the yatra & so I was sort of sure something good will be aired. (Don’t ask whats the relation between the two.)

9:30 sharp, the movie started- name was ‘SIRF’- this was the first time I heard of this movie- the movie started w/ a guy who resembled a grown-up version of ishaant a.k.a. dharsheel safary from TZP. It turned out to be quite an interesting movie. The plot contained 4 couples each one striving for ‘just’ – rather ‘SIRF’ 1 thing. 1 couple had everything – were rich – loved each other – but lacked the ‘FUN’ part- other couple had the ‘FUN’ part – but the wife was from Jalandhar & couldn’t adjust w/ the partying culture of Mumbai – other wanted to marry but had no money- the last one has money (reasonably well) but the wife’s earning were more than the hubby’s w/ their cute daughter having a hole in heart & husband refusing to invests time on – eager for a promotion- wanting to save his ‘MALE EGO’ as his wife earned more- add to it wife’s well settled job which she couldn’t leave to cope up w/ financial expenditure of Mumbai- these things grabbed the deserving time of their cute little daughter.

The movie ended w/ a usual happy-ending stuff [ the only sad thing being the cute daughter’s death. :’( ] . Time : 12:15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! :D Nice way to begin your 17th – I learnt:

1). Always strive for success- earn – but never neglect your Give them the time they deserve. – They need you- & more importantly – YOU NEED THEM TOO. J

2). After attaining success (read don’t just strive for success- attain it too.) – never ever forget the JOY of SMALL things. – be it a golgappa or a gola or what not. – SMALL things matter- save yourself from being a note-chaapne-ki-machine.

3). LIVE- Life is small- SO LIVE – every breath – every moment. As it is said, “In this world, sickness & pain are inevitable, suffering is optional.” Inspite of problems, pain & your constant tireless striving to overcome it- its just a part ‘n’ parcel of life – accept it overcome it- But don’t stop LIVING. (ALSO NEVER GET SATISFIED- BE HAPPY – LIVE – BUT NOT SATISFIED BECAUSE IF YOUR SATISFIED HOW WILL YOU GROW???)

Well, that’s all, completed another year of foolishness- success failure- unproposed crushes – unrealized dreams- unfulfilled desires & many more… Got 88% in my 10th. YATRA happened. My 1st JOB- 1st SALARY- 1st COLLEGE- got amazing friends – 1st BLOG- 1st TWEET- Indeed a gr8 year.

I am 17 now – tingering w/ IDEAS- looking forward to my 12th – CPT- attending camps – M GROWING - Next year is going to be full of ideas, tweets, books, movies & WORK- loads of WORK. After the yatra, I am in full spirit & am waiting for something enterprising. It may take time – but sooner or later, - 1 day I will be an entrepreneur for sure. :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In less than 200 words tell us what you would do to create a better India'

It is for a competition that I wrote this.............lot of editing done before submitting........

'Tum Chalo To Hindustaan Chale...' says Gulzaar saheb....TRUE.........Not throwing around litter, launching a complaint whenever required, using public transport, paying taxes on time, casting your vote to a sound candidate, following not only traffic but other rules too, committing not to bribe, taking part in the system & doing all your duties are the traits of an ideal citizen.   THAT WOULD BE THE FIRST BENCHMARK.     Population, poverty, corruption, pollution, illiteracy & other problems form a vicious cycle that acts as a hurdle for our development. A spider has to take a big jump - a BIG LEAP - to get rid of the web. EDUCATION will play a lion's share of credit for the jump - for the *BIG LEAP* we so very badly need to get out of this vicious cycle. I am not an ardent fan of our current education system. It can be - should be- must be- rather WILL BE a lot more better. Education should teach one to think-not just to follow. The only line in my syllabus that talks of innovativeness says, "one should be innovative". WHY? HOW? ...who cares???....we are the best shruggers it seems. You hardly ind education teaching life-skills, leadership-kills- Just find additional compulsory graded subject named value - education wherein few ladies come & dictate question & answers won't imbibe VALUES. Education should not only teach knowledge but WISDOM too. Good books 'n' novels like 'Kane & Able', 'Tuesdays with Morrie', 'ATLAS SHRUGGED', 'ALCHEMIST', et al can be included in the syllabus of english text books or even good literature containing short stories - they have good grammer good figures of speech....anything 'n' everything. I remember about a school where small groups are formed & each student is elected as a representative. students check their papers themselves. It teaches them a lot of life skills.  they themselves correct it - check it - improve & come back.    Coming to the point, after getting settled, I see myself working on education with my business going on smoothly along side. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I called up srini (frnd) @ 6:30. He told 7:15 Roopali (name of a restro). Then there was my nani to face. I have been telling her that – I got a call from a friend saying that there is an A/c lecture from 7 to 9. #LIE. I told her that the information doesn’t comes from a trusted source but still, as a good student, it is my duty to go there &  check – if @ all there is a class & then attend it with full concentration. I said I will visit a friend & then we will go  to the college together- If there is no lecture, I will be back in 20 min.-[All this unusually good things made nani sure that daal mein kuch kaala hai.] She was so much against my going there- & I was standing over her like a beggar from whom you can get rid only if you give him a penny. J


She finally said, (in a sulking tone), “Do whatever you wish” I went murmuring things such as, ‘its studies’ ,‘for practice’, etc. She again said, “Do as you wish” (read I don’t want you to go…. ).


Well, I was determined. It was too tempting a meet to miss. Mayank landed up from Delhi to discuss mission ‘education’ (Let the right time come & you will know what the idea was. Till then let’s call it mission ‘education’).  So I went to friend to inform him in case he might call up my home.  Then we had a fruitful meeting which was more about ‘WHAT’ ‘WHY’ & less about ‘HOW’.  A cool quote came to my mind, but thanks to srini’s comments, I couldn’t speak it. Then all was fine till 9:10 & then I stood up to leave explaining the folks that I lied & so….


            These guys came up things such as “Don’t lie” “To hide 1 lie, you will need to speak 10 more” et al. I stopped them half way through & ordered a cell phone. After 4 attempts, got the right no. mama was on the line. I said, “I am sorry……..hmmmm….I lied to nani that I am going to college. A yatri has came from Delhi. I wanted to meet so…..”

Mama: “By when will u be home.”

I: “Will leave in 10-15min.”

Mama: “Be there by 9:45”




(Mama had a very normal tone & I was too nervous to realize that I was shivering.)


That’s all. Everything was fine now. I had a glass of water (my fifth one as the meeting began…..I needed bathroom badly now. ). Then we had a coffee (thanks to kalyani). Rushed back home & reached there @ sharp 9:45-went straight to the bathroom-& then – CONFESSION ROUND- Nani was like – GHOSH- she started shouting & continued for the next 30 min. coming up things such as, “I will talk to the college to expel you.” “Pack up & go back to Baroda”(I am in Pune since past 2 years.) “I am calling you parents” ‘n’ so on.


Then as she came to the normal room temperature (after the boiling point) I explained her everything – Why I did it?- Why I won’t do it again- Why I realized my mistake & I called up mama. & so on. She then deleted all the numbers from the yatris’ no. from cell phone & tore off a couple of pages from my personal diary. Then it was normal – everything. When mama came, I couldn’t even look into his eyes. He was like, “Why to lie, we would have convinced her” (in a very normal tone.) [I just love my mama. Whatever I am is because of him.].


Now?, here I am writing this, thinking what gave me the courage? What was the tipping point?Was it the yatra spirit? Or Was I just trying to impress everyon1? Or Was it because of this long-feeded  desire to do something of this sort? – Was it just because I understood the previous week that, “A desire entertained, but not fulfilled becomes a burden-draining our energy. ” The answer is something I don’t wish to share…..




P.S.: I read a proverb last week which said, “It is easier to get forgiveness then to get permission”. My experience proved its not that reliable. :D


Argument..........beign foolish


Few people- (I am carrying this title of being optimistic so only…) FEW people enter into an argument barking about WHO – WHO is right rather than WHAT. But, then the very purpose of the argument will change into a discussion if people start thinking WHAT is right! Don’t be a fool to enter into a discussion. ALWAYS ARGUE- yeah – ALWAYS. Once I sat thinking why do people argue? Quite simple actually- just to prove that they are right. But why do 1 needs to prove it???........May be just to gather a tea-spoon of self-esteem. But if this is the case, BEWARE In case if you are wrong, later a cup full of guilt might cancel the tea-spoon’s effect. OOPS…..sorry, I am a fool who forgot that if you are into an argument how can you be wrong??? Forget this para. J


Fools think a lot. Fools have empathy- Smart people don’t think anything apart from winning the god-damn argument. “How can anyone come & challenge me?- they just want to insult me. But I am smart enough, aren’t I?” is what smarties think. Only fools tell, “I don’t care about what the world (read smarties) says” Even smarties tell the same thing, but @ different times.


It motivates fools when they leave an argument (discussion for fools) but for smarties it is a sort of a solace when they try to fool their own selves- trying to suppress their inner voice.


Smarties fool themselves. Fools can’t. Maybe that’s why they are fools. Maybe that’s why Steve Jobs tells you to “STAY FOOLISH. STAY HUNGRY”


Well, I can never be a smarty……..nor can I be hungry……..So only 1 option left for souls like me……& that’s beign foolish. J

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am selling dreams...

Dreams are fuel to life

Dreams gives you a desire to live

Dreams may or may not be right

But surely whenever you are down

Dreams will help you take a flight.


But after you dream-

Do WAKE UP ‘n’ work.

That will add to your dream- REAL WORTH.

When the world tells you, “You are not fit!”

Dreams will be with you shouting, “DON’T QUIT.”


This poem is dedicated to those who have no dreams.

I came across a couple of ‘em who have no dreams.

Those, on encountering problems, Loose faith.

Those-then start thinking they have bad fate.


I am selling dreams for you-my friend.

In your plant of life-it can be sand.

I am a trader @ heart- m here to sell.

Dreams that can take you out of hell.


Dream of satisfaction, good sleep ‘n’ love,

Dream of a better society whom you will serve.


Dream to be rich, to be true, to be smart

Dream of success, fame, good mind ‘n’ heart,

Dream to be cool ‘n’ good @ art.

I have got a lot of dreams on my cart.


Being a good trader that I am,

I need something in return-which you certainly can.


All I need from your cake, is a small cream,

A promise that you will tirelessly, STRIVE for the dream.

For a  goal (dream) achieved-

will make you more delightful, then you ever thought,

The best learning is in transition to concrete

from abstract-a mere thought.



I am a trader @ heart- am here to sell,

Dream that can take you out of HELL.


P.S.: Inspired by a hindi poem ‘Feriwala’ by Poet Ttrilochan

Monday, February 9, 2009


“A very near ‘n’ dear one encountered corruption.” When I said this to a very good friend of mine, the reply I got was, ”It is not a new thing in India.”-TRUE- What actually happened was….


          One mamu was working on a workshop quite actively. It was a very important one as it would mean his comeback in the organization after backache problem. One fine ‘n’ very important day, they had a final meeting for the workshop. While going, there was a minute accident- just a little scratch to mamu’s santro & that guy’s bike. That guy got down, asked for Rs. 2000/- whereas d damage to his bike wasn’t even of Rs. 200/-!!!

          That guy started fighting. Mamu was an educated ethical Indian. He took that guy to the police station. They were welcomed by a guthka eating hawaldar, who asked in a hooligan tone, kay jhaala? (what happened?). REPLY- “a small accident”


          That hawaldar (unbelievably) said that he will write that other guy’s complaint first & not mamu’s as he saw him enter 1st in the police station.!!! Mamu immediately responded, “It was I who brought him here. Just bcoz he entered inside first doesn’t means the other way round.” Alas- the hawaldar was determined enough to keep his word. (Such people are determined when they shouldn’t but aren’t when they actually should L) The logic behind his action was simple- An educated white-collar-employee coming in a four-wheeler will bribe a larger amount than a slumdog, who, when asked for the paperds of his bike could come up with only a single receipt stating his license & other papers are with the court for some case.

          The scene ended with that other guy paying-OOPS CORRECTION- BRIBING Rs. 200/- to the hawaldar & keeping Rs. 100/- into his own pocket- ALL MAMU’S HARD-EARNED MONEY!!!

          Now, mamu is determined to screw up that hawaldar- in talks with ATC peoples. But what will this lead to. The chances of next hawaldar being imandar (honest) are negligible. We need a system where corruption can’t survive.

          Yesterday, I was having a candle light dinner with my on A/c of load shedding – thanks to our government. After the dinner I sat looking @ the ingenuity of the candle- illuminating in the dark……then suddenly electricity came, CFLs were once again on (my l’lle niece was in other room & no 1 dared to light off candle- that’s her job-which she likingly does.) & suddenly I realized ow the candly effect is negligibe as the CFLs are on! One person like mamu-going out & screwing some hawaldar- that also only when he himself is targeted. THAT WOULD BE A CANDLE LIGHTED TEMPORARILY. I THINK IT WOULD BE BETTER IF WE COME UP WITH A SYSTEM WHERE CANDLES WON’T BE NEEDED & CORRUPTION WON’T BE BREEDED. THAT WOULD BE WHAT I WOULD CALL A ‘CFL EFFECT’.

          During the yatra ( , Shashank Mani once responded to the e.g. of a girl picking up litter on beaches whenever she notices one as – “Instead of one girl going out & picking up litter, it would be better if she starts an enterprise for the same & scale it up.”




P.S.: I would recommend you to watch  “Jau Tithe Khau”- a very well made marathi movie based on corruption where 1 guy constructs well (only on paper using GoI's money under some scheme) & then files a complaint saying his well is stolen!!! turn exposes few of top most govt. employees...

IMDB link:

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LIKED it. Sharing will do no harm. :-)