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Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Few of the things about *YATRA* .........

There was a different set of openness, hopes, fun, learning, passion, enthusiasm & INSPIRATION. You would find youngs too mature for their age and oldies with a childish eagerness to learn! It hardly took us two days to be bounded like a family. Everyday new people, new places to visit but just after a short 30 minutes chat, you would feel as if you know them for ages. Every other passionate soul you met had that ‘SPARK’ & then, there were long discussions on variety of topics. It was as if you switch off your lives and go to live a different one & when you come back in your previous life –you live it much better. Eighteen days & You realize the value of achievement & the joy of it. You get to know about number of heroes and its not that you just read them, but you have them in front of you talking to you – answering your questions-their eyes full of expectations & hope and a confidence-in the youth – when such great people look at you with a confidence, - believe me, it sort of becomes tough to settle for something less than EXCELLENCE. You need not make an effort for that decision. It comes automatically as if By default-For me, it was when I was at Rock Memorial, Aravind, Naandi, Tilonia, Tata Steel, & while hearing Mr. Gopalkrishnan & Mr. Elango & needless to say Shashank & Raj Sir, Revati Madam & many other yatris.14th January- Everyone is leaving back. I weirdly fantasized everyone to be like brides on their marriage! You come back to the real bad world. DISAPPOINTMENT goes at its peak now. And the reality strikes- something I had forgotten.

“I believe that our challenges are to recognize the limitations & the imperfections of our world as it is, think of the world as we want it, & then sacrifice and work for creating it.”- says Mr. Narayan Murthy. Well, the yatra does more than half of the work – you come back & realize the imperfections quite easily- you don’t even need to think of the world as you want it because you have already ‘lived’ it for 18 days – and sacrifice – well, if the deepest part of you wants it – you will find a PLEASURE in it – so no question of sacrifice.

The yatra has just begun……….

-Nikhil Bhagia a.k.a Chintu

P.S.: It helps us be good human beings if we remember, and we must, that hope is not an easy gift; it is a responsibility. – Swapnil Kant Dixit.

P.P.S: Registrations for the yatra are now open!!!! GO!!! Apply!!!

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