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Sunday, May 24, 2009


I wrote this on 19th April, 2009, my birthday........well ...........I know m really late.......but, "better late than never."

Saturday ,18th April 2009:

I landed back home @ 09:20 p.m. after a tiring but a fruitful day both - @ office & in college- s.p. paper was good- it sort of feels very nice when you are one of the only three people who took supplements – leave half an hour early w/ a grin – expecting 75/80 & then forget it as if it was of no importance.

I sat hunting for a D.V.D -went to a neighbour- I so very wanted to see FIRAAQ & STRAIGHT- couldn’t get either- after a couple of calls here ‘n’ there, the only option left was DOORDARSHAN a.k.a. DD.(You might find it hard to believe, but that’s the only channel that’s aired @ our home.) & w/ a data card – u dare think of watching 1 online @ its snail speed. K
So there was DD. I wished for a good movie- I have been quite optimistic after the yatra & so I was sort of sure something good will be aired. (Don’t ask whats the relation between the two.)

9:30 sharp, the movie started- name was ‘SIRF’- this was the first time I heard of this movie- the movie started w/ a guy who resembled a grown-up version of ishaant a.k.a. dharsheel safary from TZP. It turned out to be quite an interesting movie. The plot contained 4 couples each one striving for ‘just’ – rather ‘SIRF’ 1 thing. 1 couple had everything – were rich – loved each other – but lacked the ‘FUN’ part- other couple had the ‘FUN’ part – but the wife was from Jalandhar & couldn’t adjust w/ the partying culture of Mumbai – other wanted to marry but had no money- the last one has money (reasonably well) but the wife’s earning were more than the hubby’s w/ their cute daughter having a hole in heart & husband refusing to invests time on – eager for a promotion- wanting to save his ‘MALE EGO’ as his wife earned more- add to it wife’s well settled job which she couldn’t leave to cope up w/ financial expenditure of Mumbai- these things grabbed the deserving time of their cute little daughter.

The movie ended w/ a usual happy-ending stuff [ the only sad thing being the cute daughter’s death. :’( ] . Time : 12:15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! :D Nice way to begin your 17th – I learnt:

1). Always strive for success- earn – but never neglect your Give them the time they deserve. – They need you- & more importantly – YOU NEED THEM TOO. J

2). After attaining success (read don’t just strive for success- attain it too.) – never ever forget the JOY of SMALL things. – be it a golgappa or a gola or what not. – SMALL things matter- save yourself from being a note-chaapne-ki-machine.

3). LIVE- Life is small- SO LIVE – every breath – every moment. As it is said, “In this world, sickness & pain are inevitable, suffering is optional.” Inspite of problems, pain & your constant tireless striving to overcome it- its just a part ‘n’ parcel of life – accept it overcome it- But don’t stop LIVING. (ALSO NEVER GET SATISFIED- BE HAPPY – LIVE – BUT NOT SATISFIED BECAUSE IF YOUR SATISFIED HOW WILL YOU GROW???)

Well, that’s all, completed another year of foolishness- success failure- unproposed crushes – unrealized dreams- unfulfilled desires & many more… Got 88% in my 10th. YATRA happened. My 1st JOB- 1st SALARY- 1st COLLEGE- got amazing friends – 1st BLOG- 1st TWEET- Indeed a gr8 year.

I am 17 now – tingering w/ IDEAS- looking forward to my 12th – CPT- attending camps – M GROWING - Next year is going to be full of ideas, tweets, books, movies & WORK- loads of WORK. After the yatra, I am in full spirit & am waiting for something enterprising. It may take time – but sooner or later, - 1 day I will be an entrepreneur for sure. :D


Vivek Khandelwal said...

I’ve tagged you for the “7 random things” meme

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Nikhil Bhagia said...

Thank You, sir. But i am really not interested in any such money earning activities on web. I love my freedom of writing whatever I wish, whenever I feel, & I believe if I start earning from this site, it would be contrary to the very purpose of my blog. :)

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