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Monday, February 9, 2009


“A very near ‘n’ dear one encountered corruption.” When I said this to a very good friend of mine, the reply I got was, ”It is not a new thing in India.”-TRUE- What actually happened was….


          One mamu was working on a workshop quite actively. It was a very important one as it would mean his comeback in the organization after backache problem. One fine ‘n’ very important day, they had a final meeting for the workshop. While going, there was a minute accident- just a little scratch to mamu’s santro & that guy’s bike. That guy got down, asked for Rs. 2000/- whereas d damage to his bike wasn’t even of Rs. 200/-!!!

          That guy started fighting. Mamu was an educated ethical Indian. He took that guy to the police station. They were welcomed by a guthka eating hawaldar, who asked in a hooligan tone, kay jhaala? (what happened?). REPLY- “a small accident”


          That hawaldar (unbelievably) said that he will write that other guy’s complaint first & not mamu’s as he saw him enter 1st in the police station.!!! Mamu immediately responded, “It was I who brought him here. Just bcoz he entered inside first doesn’t means the other way round.” Alas- the hawaldar was determined enough to keep his word. (Such people are determined when they shouldn’t but aren’t when they actually should L) The logic behind his action was simple- An educated white-collar-employee coming in a four-wheeler will bribe a larger amount than a slumdog, who, when asked for the paperds of his bike could come up with only a single receipt stating his license & other papers are with the court for some case.

          The scene ended with that other guy paying-OOPS CORRECTION- BRIBING Rs. 200/- to the hawaldar & keeping Rs. 100/- into his own pocket- ALL MAMU’S HARD-EARNED MONEY!!!

          Now, mamu is determined to screw up that hawaldar- in talks with ATC peoples. But what will this lead to. The chances of next hawaldar being imandar (honest) are negligible. We need a system where corruption can’t survive.

          Yesterday, I was having a candle light dinner with my on A/c of load shedding – thanks to our government. After the dinner I sat looking @ the ingenuity of the candle- illuminating in the dark……then suddenly electricity came, CFLs were once again on (my l’lle niece was in other room & no 1 dared to light off candle- that’s her job-which she likingly does.) & suddenly I realized ow the candly effect is negligibe as the CFLs are on! One person like mamu-going out & screwing some hawaldar- that also only when he himself is targeted. THAT WOULD BE A CANDLE LIGHTED TEMPORARILY. I THINK IT WOULD BE BETTER IF WE COME UP WITH A SYSTEM WHERE CANDLES WON’T BE NEEDED & CORRUPTION WON’T BE BREEDED. THAT WOULD BE WHAT I WOULD CALL A ‘CFL EFFECT’.

          During the yatra ( , Shashank Mani once responded to the e.g. of a girl picking up litter on beaches whenever she notices one as – “Instead of one girl going out & picking up litter, it would be better if she starts an enterprise for the same & scale it up.”




P.S.: I would recommend you to watch  “Jau Tithe Khau”- a very well made marathi movie based on corruption where 1 guy constructs well (only on paper using GoI's money under some scheme) & then files a complaint saying his well is stolen!!! turn exposes few of top most govt. employees...

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