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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am selling dreams...

Dreams are fuel to life

Dreams gives you a desire to live

Dreams may or may not be right

But surely whenever you are down

Dreams will help you take a flight.


But after you dream-

Do WAKE UP ‘n’ work.

That will add to your dream- REAL WORTH.

When the world tells you, “You are not fit!”

Dreams will be with you shouting, “DON’T QUIT.”


This poem is dedicated to those who have no dreams.

I came across a couple of ‘em who have no dreams.

Those, on encountering problems, Loose faith.

Those-then start thinking they have bad fate.


I am selling dreams for you-my friend.

In your plant of life-it can be sand.

I am a trader @ heart- m here to sell.

Dreams that can take you out of hell.


Dream of satisfaction, good sleep ‘n’ love,

Dream of a better society whom you will serve.


Dream to be rich, to be true, to be smart

Dream of success, fame, good mind ‘n’ heart,

Dream to be cool ‘n’ good @ art.

I have got a lot of dreams on my cart.


Being a good trader that I am,

I need something in return-which you certainly can.


All I need from your cake, is a small cream,

A promise that you will tirelessly, STRIVE for the dream.

For a  goal (dream) achieved-

will make you more delightful, then you ever thought,

The best learning is in transition to concrete

from abstract-a mere thought.



I am a trader @ heart- am here to sell,

Dream that can take you out of HELL.


P.S.: Inspired by a hindi poem ‘Feriwala’ by Poet Ttrilochan

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