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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Argument..........beign foolish


Few people- (I am carrying this title of being optimistic so only…) FEW people enter into an argument barking about WHO – WHO is right rather than WHAT. But, then the very purpose of the argument will change into a discussion if people start thinking WHAT is right! Don’t be a fool to enter into a discussion. ALWAYS ARGUE- yeah – ALWAYS. Once I sat thinking why do people argue? Quite simple actually- just to prove that they are right. But why do 1 needs to prove it???........May be just to gather a tea-spoon of self-esteem. But if this is the case, BEWARE In case if you are wrong, later a cup full of guilt might cancel the tea-spoon’s effect. OOPS…..sorry, I am a fool who forgot that if you are into an argument how can you be wrong??? Forget this para. J


Fools think a lot. Fools have empathy- Smart people don’t think anything apart from winning the god-damn argument. “How can anyone come & challenge me?- they just want to insult me. But I am smart enough, aren’t I?” is what smarties think. Only fools tell, “I don’t care about what the world (read smarties) says” Even smarties tell the same thing, but @ different times.


It motivates fools when they leave an argument (discussion for fools) but for smarties it is a sort of a solace when they try to fool their own selves- trying to suppress their inner voice.


Smarties fool themselves. Fools can’t. Maybe that’s why they are fools. Maybe that’s why Steve Jobs tells you to “STAY FOOLISH. STAY HUNGRY”


Well, I can never be a smarty……..nor can I be hungry……..So only 1 option left for souls like me……& that’s beign foolish. J


Venkat S Murthy said...

I tried understanding the Fool-Not Fool thing, But i couldn't get it man!

Ok, Now i get it.
To get it u must b a fool is it?!

Ha..ha.. Jus kiddin man,

Nikhil Bhagia said...

nice sense of humour...... :P

In tht case..a better title should have been, "ONLY FOR FOOLS" :P

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LIKED it. Sharing will do no harm. :-)