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Monday, February 9, 2009


“A very near ‘n’ dear one encountered corruption.” When I said this to a very good friend of mine, the reply I got was, ”It is not a new thing in India.”-TRUE- What actually happened was….


          One mamu was working on a workshop quite actively. It was a very important one as it would mean his comeback in the organization after backache problem. One fine ‘n’ very important day, they had a final meeting for the workshop. While going, there was a minute accident- just a little scratch to mamu’s santro & that guy’s bike. That guy got down, asked for Rs. 2000/- whereas d damage to his bike wasn’t even of Rs. 200/-!!!

          That guy started fighting. Mamu was an educated ethical Indian. He took that guy to the police station. They were welcomed by a guthka eating hawaldar, who asked in a hooligan tone, kay jhaala? (what happened?). REPLY- “a small accident”


          That hawaldar (unbelievably) said that he will write that other guy’s complaint first & not mamu’s as he saw him enter 1st in the police station.!!! Mamu immediately responded, “It was I who brought him here. Just bcoz he entered inside first doesn’t means the other way round.” Alas- the hawaldar was determined enough to keep his word. (Such people are determined when they shouldn’t but aren’t when they actually should L) The logic behind his action was simple- An educated white-collar-employee coming in a four-wheeler will bribe a larger amount than a slumdog, who, when asked for the paperds of his bike could come up with only a single receipt stating his license & other papers are with the court for some case.

          The scene ended with that other guy paying-OOPS CORRECTION- BRIBING Rs. 200/- to the hawaldar & keeping Rs. 100/- into his own pocket- ALL MAMU’S HARD-EARNED MONEY!!!

          Now, mamu is determined to screw up that hawaldar- in talks with ATC peoples. But what will this lead to. The chances of next hawaldar being imandar (honest) are negligible. We need a system where corruption can’t survive.

          Yesterday, I was having a candle light dinner with my on A/c of load shedding – thanks to our government. After the dinner I sat looking @ the ingenuity of the candle- illuminating in the dark……then suddenly electricity came, CFLs were once again on (my l’lle niece was in other room & no 1 dared to light off candle- that’s her job-which she likingly does.) & suddenly I realized ow the candly effect is negligibe as the CFLs are on! One person like mamu-going out & screwing some hawaldar- that also only when he himself is targeted. THAT WOULD BE A CANDLE LIGHTED TEMPORARILY. I THINK IT WOULD BE BETTER IF WE COME UP WITH A SYSTEM WHERE CANDLES WON’T BE NEEDED & CORRUPTION WON’T BE BREEDED. THAT WOULD BE WHAT I WOULD CALL A ‘CFL EFFECT’.

          During the yatra ( , Shashank Mani once responded to the e.g. of a girl picking up litter on beaches whenever she notices one as – “Instead of one girl going out & picking up litter, it would be better if she starts an enterprise for the same & scale it up.”




P.S.: I would recommend you to watch  “Jau Tithe Khau”- a very well made marathi movie based on corruption where 1 guy constructs well (only on paper using GoI's money under some scheme) & then files a complaint saying his well is stolen!!! turn exposes few of top most govt. employees...

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 (You can watch it online @


Goli said...

I am not sure if I agree with you. Next you might say that what is the point in voting as my one vote is not going to make any difference. It does, just because when you are insistent on not giving bribe the other guy cannot do anything, and he would hesitate to ask for bribe from another guy.

Nikhil Bhagia said...


My point is, "Lets not get happy with candle if we can go for a tube-light".....but till we reach der........its only d candle. :)

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LIKED it. Sharing will do no harm. :-)